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औद्योगिक ऊर्जा भण्डारण

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With the increasing load capacity of industrial and commercial complex and the increasing peak-valley difference of load, the requirements for power supply quality and stability are getting higher . Because the transformation of power distribution capacity of industrial and commercial subjects is often restricted by the superior power distribution capacity, expansion is difficult, and the investment of power expansion is large, the cycle is long, and the comprehensive benefit is low.

Industrial Energy Storage-3

The energy storage system consists of a storage system container with a planned design capacity of 500kW/1MWh. The energy storage system container includes energy storage system, battery management system, PCS, UPS, EMS, lighting, fire protection, HVAC and distribution. Auxiliary components such as electrical access systems, with installation/maintenance channels;the power grid system of the plant is connected to the power grid system of the power distribution room through the feeder cabinet to realize the functions of peak shaving and valley filling, demand management, energy saving, load balancing, dynamic capacity increase, and power factor improvement.


According to various power consumption and energy saving needs, customized solutions suitable for specific scenarios are proposed, which can solve problems such as insufficient distribution capacity, large peak-valley difference in power consumption, and power quality deterioration.

Industrial energy storage system-2

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